Community Partnership Insurance Scheme

With an extensive background working with a number of community centres and associations we now operate this scheme which is specifically in place to provide insurance cover for Community Centres, Community Associations, Village Halls and the like, throughout the United Kingdom. By dedicating the policy to yours and similar organisations we have ensured that you are receiving the fullest possible cover coupled with extremely competitive premiums. 

In addition to the usual and standard insurance cover (Employers/Public Liability, Buildings, Contents etc) the scheme will also provide covers such as:-

  • Hirers Liability
  • Trustees Liability
  • Children's Activities
  • Fundraising Events
  • Fun Days / Fete's
  • Outdoor Activities.

How to obtain a quote from us

We are able to provide a quotation for your insurance requirements within twenty-four hours of receiving your full enquiry. We can collate the information we need to obtain the quote by any of the following means and we will always try to ensure that the time you have to spend in sourcing an insurance quote is kept to the bare minimum. Contact us by:

  • telephone; to obtain the information we need to put together a quotation an initial fact find will typically take around ten minutes
  • reply by email with your insurance cover requirements - we will immediately respond to obtain any additional information we might require. Please email to:
  • if you would prefer we can send you a blank enquiry form via email for you to complete and return at your leisure
  • complete the short enquiry form on our website, and we will immediately respond to obtain any additional information we might require
  • or we can arrange an appointment for one of our representatives to visit you directly and take the information needed to produce our quote.

All of our quotations are guaranteed for thirty days and all quotations are free of charge.

Our experienced team will review your current levels of insurance cover when offering a quotation to ensure that you are being provided with all of the insurance elements that the diverse nature of your operation would require. Further we will contact yourselves at least halfway during the insurance period to ensure that your covers remain up to date and relevant.                                                                                           

In the event of a loss at your centre the insurance company have enlisted a direct link with their in-house claims handlers who will be in contact with you immediately to arrange the best and most efficient way of resolving your claim. As with all our clients we will of course also remain in constant contact with yourselves, and the insurer, to doubly ensure the speediest of resolutions to your loss and we are available to visit you at anytime during the claims process, from the date of the incident to the day the claim is settled.

At any stage of our business relationship, one of our team would be available to call out to your centre to discuss with you any element of the insurance cover; be this at initial quote stage, following a loss, renewal or at any other time during the insurance year.

Tenants of the Centre/Hall

As well as the guaranteed discount for yourselves, we are also able to offer a premium discount for any tenants of your premises who require/hold their own insurance covers. This would be a minimum discount of five per cent from our quoted premium.

Community Centre Enquiry