Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is designed to offer specific protection against third party insurance claims, i.e., payment is not typically made to the insured, but rather to someone suffering loss who is not a party to the insurance contract.

As a company you are subject to a wide range of third-party risks. From the moment customers set foot inside your business premises, you could be liable for any accidents they have. Public liability insurance can protect you against third-party claims in the event of personal injury, or loss or damage to property arising from your company's actions.

This also applies to your employees causing injury or loss to third parties in the course of going about your business.

Additionally your company can face claims from your own employees or even from the product you supply to a customer.

The main areas of Liability insurance cover are traditionally:
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Employers Liability

Employers Liability is covered as standard up to an indemnity limit of £10,000,000 for the vast majority of policies and is the legal minimum limit for UK based covers.

Public Liability and Products Liability cover can be provided usually for limits starting at £2,000,000 and increasing to whatever level required by you. Through our wide range of insurers we are able to either offer a single policy for the full indemnity limit required or on occasion we have specific excess of loss products that will provide any additional indemnity limit required over and above that that is provided by the primary insurer.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance protects your business if you’re found to have provided poor services, bad advice or bad design, which has resulted in your clients or others losing money.

Although professional indemnity insurance isn’t a legal requirement, not having it could mean that if something does go wrong for a client following your advice, your business could be responsible for the legal fees, expenses, compensation costs or other costs incurred in your defence.

Directors & Officers Liability

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) provides cover for claims made against specific individuals within a company for any allegation of causing injury or property damage to a third party.

Cyber Liability

An increasing risk in the modern world is the threat of Cyber attack. Cyber and data risks insurance is designed to support and protect your business if it experiences a data breach or is the subject of an attack by a malicious hacker that affects its computer systems. Data leaks and data losses can lead to regulatory fines and PR nightmares, while attacks could lead to shut-down servers and loss of both confidence and profits.

Cyber Liability provides comprehensive insurance cover against these losses, including as standard `reputation protection' cover.

We can arrange liability policies for the more difficult to insure risks, such as:
  • Use of heat work work on site
  • Hazardous locations
  • Working at Height
  • Working at Depth
  • Off Shore

An example of a Public Liability claim:

A plumber was working on a domestic property within a block of flats but failed to fit caps properly whilst undertaking the repairs. This error caused water damage in the property for which he had been hired, as well as the property below.

What did the insurance company pay for?

Damage caused was covered under the Public Liability section, costing a total of £15,000.

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