Scaffolders Liability Insurance

JST Insurance Services have arranged insurance cover for Scaffolding companies throughout the UK since our inception in 2003.

We have arranged policies through specialist insurers at Lloyds as well as the likes of Towergate, Breeze, Coast and Pen (Ink).

In recent years the traditional market leaders for Scaffolders Liability insurance cover have been exposed to increased claims costs and the withdrawal of their main insurance backers and this has altered the landscape for Scaffolders Insurance cover. However, we have agreed exclusive premium discounts with our insurance providers and this has proved to be extremely competitive, especially in the face of the increasing pressure of rising insurance costs to you the customer from other insurers.

As well as extremely competitive premiums, the policies we arrange can include:
  • Extensive Height Limits (twenty metres and above) or No Height limits at all
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Off-Shore & Worldwide Locations
  • Contract Works cover
  • Plant Insurance cover
  • Directors & Officers Liability.

How to obtain a quote from us

We are usually able to provide a quotation for your insurance requirements within twenty-four hours of receiving your full enquiry. We can collate the information we need to obtain the quote by any of the following means and we will always try to ensure that the time you have to spend in sourcing an insurance quote is kept to the bare minimum. Contact us via:-

  • telephone; to obtain the basic information we need to put together an initial quotation will typically take around ten minutes
  • reply by email with your insurance cover requirements - we will immediately respond to obtain any additional information we might require. Please email us by reply
  • if you would prefer we can send you our blank enquiry form via email for you to complete and return at your leisure
  • complete the short enquiry form on our website and we will immediately respond to obtain any additional information we would require
  • or we can arrange an appointment for one of our representatives to visit you and collate the information needed

All of our quotations are guaranteed for thirty days and all quotations are free of charge.

Scaffolders Liability Enquiry